The Generosity Club | 2019 Generosity Challenge
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2019 Generosity Challenge

Sign up to be one of 100 philanthropists who fund the 2019 Generosity Grant Pool of One Hundred Thousand Cedis (GHS 100,000). The funds raised would support a small cohort of vetted, high-impact social enterprises that would be decided entirely by the donors. Participating in the inaugural Annual Generosity Challenge would be helping to kick-start a historic movement that unlocks local philanthropic giving for social impact.


Beyond the fulfillment that comes from financially supporting dreamers, innovators and change agents, Donors would also get a first-hand understanding of how social impact enterprises are making a difference and get to identify opportunities to make impact. Please fill the short donor sign-up form and a member of our team would reach out to you about redeeming your pledge.


You may email with questions.

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The Generosity Club
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The Generosity Club
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The Generosity Club
@GenerosityClubFeb 21
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