The Generosity Club | About Generosity
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About Generosity

We exist to inspire a culture of philanthropic giving. We are mobilising “local” resources to increase the impact of high-performing social enterprises.



Through various projects such as the Annual Generosity Challenge and the 10% Movement, The Generosity Club will achieve social impact by supporting high-performing social enterprises with funding and skilled man hours donated by our members. We aggressively measure impact through clear performance metrics that we report to members and other donors.


We believe that citizens achieve greater impact by collectively investing money, skills and time to support high-performing social enterprises. We also believe that social enterprises achieve more when they receive financial support and expertise from citizens who are passionate about the courses they represent. Finally, we believe that the best forms of social impact are measurable. And that a sense of progress or not provides the biggest motivation for donors and grantees to give even more or dig deeper for more effective solutions.


We aspire to be a loosely-coordinated network of donors, volunteers and social enterprises, working together to make the most of Africa’s most significant social challenges and opportunities. Our logo is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana, called “Nkonsonkonson“, which literally means “Chain” but represents unity and community.




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